Sunday, April 28, 2013

You Are Already Home

It's remarkable how easily we've been able to adjust to living in a brand new place in such a short period of time. The Hubby knew all the routes to the gym within the first week. We've already found our favorite restaurant in the area, a hole in the wall Thai food place with the most authentic dishes. All of our household goods were in their right place by day two in our new house, down to our junk drawer in the kitchen. Bella has figured out where all the trash cans are and digs in them any chance she gets.

I've even started a new job at a local orthodontics office. I'm currently training to be a treatment coordinator/front desk person/safety and privacy officer. It's a lot of information to take in, but thankfully my last job in Texas has prepared me well for all of this. I miss my coworkers and patients immensely and think of them often. 

I miss Austin and all of the amazing food I got to eat every weekend. I miss my friends and hate that I have to make new ones. 

The worst part about moving is learning the area all over again. My sense of direction is absolutely terrible. It's so bad that my husband is in awe of my inability to navigate. It is the reason why I cannot play any video games that do not simply go across the screen in one direction. I still can't find my way to work without getting turned around. It's pathetic, really.

But if that's the worst part of my adjustment period then I really have it easy. Home truly is where you feel love, and my husband and little yellow dog show me plenty of that.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

We Moved!

Surprise! We've actually been in a whole new state for nearly a month now! Our time in Texas came to an end when The Hubby received orders to report to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. We had a good two months to prepare for the move, but it was still so surreal to us.

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful home in Texas along with all the wonderful friends we made during the three years we lived there. 

The movers came to pack up our things. Six hour later we found ourselves in an empty house. 

It was extremely cold on moving day. Thankfully, the packers were kind enough to take my stand heater last so that I could survive. I spent most of the day curled up in a corner of an empty room, fighting to stay warm.

We stayed at our friend's apartment for a week while preparing for our move. The Hubby took advantage of their jacuzzi and the fact that he did not need to get a haircut during his leave period.

The three of us packed up our car and headed east. We didn't know how soon we would be able to find a home to live in or when our household goods would arrive so we packed all the necessities to survive for at least a week.

Our twenty-hour road trip was wet and terrible. We didn't have many opportunities to stop. Bella was always checked for muddy paws before getting back in the car. 

Through a friend of a friend, we were able to find this beautiful home to live in by our second full day in North Carolina. The major selling point of the house is the gorgeous kitchen and hardwood floors.

I mean, isn't it just amazing? The Hubby has done 100% of the cooking since he came home in January as I have been working far more than he has. It turns out that he's a much better cook that I am.

Bella had immense trouble walking on the floors, just like she did in the other house. Thankfully, the problem seems to have gone away now that we are fully furnished.

Moving is absolutely exhausting.

We're planning on purchasing some new furniture to fill the house soon so I'm going to wait to post more pictures of our new home. Come visit us, friends!