Friday, March 22, 2013

Trifexis Time

Once a month, we give Bella her heartworm/flea medication that is supposed to be appealing to a dog's palate. However, Bella absolutely despises her medication and it's always a huge hassle trying to figure out a way to make her swallow the pill.

We've tried the old peanut butter trick, but now Bella just licks around the pill and spits it out. Today, the Hubby was given the task of giving Bella her meds and he noticed her obviously disgusted reaction.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hubby's 26th

My wonderful husband turned 26 yesterday! He was such a brat that he asked to open his gifts the day before so his birthday was not particularly exciting. I gave him a shirt from our new favorite band, Run River North (previously known as Monsters Calling Home), a video game that he's been wanting, and a box of his favorite candies.

We took quite a bit of time getting an annual birthday hat family picture that I was somewhat satisfied with enough to post. Bella was of course so excited for this that she fell asleep.

Hubby didn't want to have any cake like I made him last year since he's apparently watching his figure this year. Instead, I woke up at 0545 to make him his favorite cookies before leaving for work. I also bought him some ice cream cupcakes as portion control. I didn't have any birthday candles so I had to use a vanilla scented one. I'm a terrible wife!

Here's a series of pictures of The Hubby not wanting any more pictures taken of him.

animated gifs

Happy birthday, Hubby! We love you tons!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pew Pew Pew!

Guys, my niece is a genius. Can't wait to see her in April!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

1. We drove two hours on a Friday evening to take Bella to the dog park in Austin. She would rather sit with us than play with other dogs.
2. After work cuddlefest.

1. Work shoes.
2. One of Hubby's Christmas gifts to me back in December.
3. We found a Yogurtland in Texas. They have dairy-free options now, too!
4. Hubby had peonies delivered to me at work for Valentine's Day. They're not even in season!

1. Bella came over from the other side of the room as soon as I set the fabric down to cut.
2. Running around at a dog park means baths. Sorry, girl.
3. Bella has been so attached to The Hubby now that he spends more time with her.
4. Someone wouldn't stop chewing her paw so I had to put a sock on it.