Monday, January 21, 2013

Slobber Monster

I'm a happy dog. 

I'm happy to be with my mama. Can you see the excitement in my face just to be next to her?

I'm happy to run alongside my papa.  

I'm happy to play tag with him, too.

Swimming in cold water when it's 40 degrees out also makes me happy.

However, I'm not very happy when my parents run away from me because I have slobber all over my face. It's not my fault I drool profusely when I'm having a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

People Pleaser

Source: via Min on Pinterest

The fact that somebody hated me so much in high school still haunts me to this day. She drew a picture of me getting run over by her van in a mutual friend's yearbook. She told everyone that I was the rat who turned in all the cheaters in our tenth grade English class, when, really, I was a coward and didn't speak a word. Another regret.

She appears in my dreams every so often, even though it has been nearly a decade since the "incident". Sometimes we're in a fist fight and I can't seem to land a punch. Other times she's trying to hire a hit man to murder me. Once she beat me at a foot race even though I had the lead. She even stumbles into my good dreams and wants to ruin my fantasy of being an official Disney Princess.

I dreamt of her again yesterday. She was bullying another girl and I finally spoke up, something I was incapable of doing when I was the victim. Everyone saw her true colors and laughed at her.

"Well, you can't braid hair and you're a terrible runner," she screamed shrilly.

"Haha! Have I ever claimed otherwise? That's all you have on me?"

And then she touched my forehead with her bony little finger threateningly.

Others shouted furiously, "Get your hands off of her!" Finally, someone had come to defend me.

And that was enough to make me wake up and smile. I had finally defeated her, at least in my silly little dreams.

While she made my life miserable for much of high school, I have a lot to thank her for. I was able to weed out my true friends, which was quite important for a girl in her teens. I learned from her the power of taking the high road and how maturity is seen by others. Most importantly, I developed my integrity and morals.

Thanks for giving me the chance to hear from others, "I don't know why everyone hates you. You're actually a really nice person!" Who else gets the opportunity to turn hate into love?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Repeat: The Girl

I like to pretend that Hubby sings this song to me every time he leaves on a "business trip".

It's Freezing!

It's so cold here that even Bella is wearing socks! Actually, The Hubby's uncle gave these to her for Christmas and they've been helping her get better traction on our wood floors. But it is cold in Texas and I've been hating it. 

I've only survived by tugging our stand heater around the house on a fifty-foot long extension cord while wearing a robe and a blanket draped over my back. 

We had a few days in the 20s here so right now I suppose 50 degree weather is considered warm, which is why this Jimmy Kimmel segment below cracks me up. I was one of you once, Californians!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Cone of Shame'd Her

My sister and I had this hilarious conversation a few months back. Riley has since been spayed and will hopefully never need to wear a diaper ever again.

Sister: So I tried to make Riley diapers by buying baby diapers which are a ton cheaper, and I got the newborn size because they look like the same size as her current ones. Except they were TINY
Me: Is she still on her period?!
Sister: And riley freaked the fuck out when I put them on her.
Me: Haha
Sister: Yes, apparently they last two weeks. So I had to cut up a pair of old underwear...
Sister: ...and put some panty liners in that.
Sister: And it kinda worked, but they clearly bother her. So she was fidgety all night. We didnt want to buy specific dog diapers because they're $12 for 12. Baby diapers are like 36 for $6.
Me: Yeah that's ridiculous.
Sister: Anyways, she was tearing off her diaper and making a mess so I cone of shame'd her.
Me: LOL! This entire convo is going on my blog, btw.
Sister: Except I got the soft velcro kind and when I put them on the first time she didn't know what to do
so she just froze. And then went crazy and started running into things. After she calmed down I put her in her pen, came home from lunch and saw that she was stuck on her bunny because the exposed velcro got caught on her.
Me: HAHAHAHAHA. Riley is so sad.
Sister: Then she shouldnt be an asshole and eat her diapers.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Overheard in Our Home

We've been spending some late evenings watching Conan clips on YouTube. This is what The Hubby had to say while we were watching this video.

The Hubby: I've never been scared of snakes. Snakes don't bother me. [Pause] DOES THAT MAKE ME SLYTHERIN?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I know that I haven't been a great blogger recently. Working has been kicking my butt! I thought I would get used to working full time by now, but I come home really exhausted. We've been going to bed at 8pm every evening! How crazy is that?

Here are a few pictures from my computer and phone.

1. Cuddling with Bella on the couch. She can sleep anywhere.
2. I bought this stand mixer for myself. I've been wanting it for years and finally made the plunge, thanks to an amazing black Friday sale at Kohl's. (20% off, $30 rebate, free shipping, and $75 Kohl's cash)
3. Bella got into an entire box of raisins and even ate some baby wipes. We had to take her to the pet ER where she had to stay overnight. She was back to her normal self the next day after some rest and eight hundred dollars.
4. My boss gave me some sparkly red Toms as part of my uniform at work and a nice raise. I'm so fortunate!

1. Bella now sleeps in this luxurious dog bed. It was an early sixth birthday gift for her, and is perfect for freezing winter nights in Texas.
2. We dog sat this crazy puppy over Thanksgiving. He crapped and peed in our house several times and chewed up my phone charger. We still loved him anyway.
3. Did you know that I'm terrible at baking cakes?
4. One of my favorite patients brought me warm cookies and a handwritten note thanking me for my "smiles and kindness." 

Our amazing friends had their beautiful baby girl, Clara. Dad was deployed just three weeks later. Please think of him.
Hubby was promoted to a Captain and I was able to pin on his new rank on a blustery twenty degree morning.. Unfortunately, our photographer didn't capture that moment. His family and I are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments!