Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Texting My Mom

My mom's birthday was on Thanksgiving. I sent her a birthday card with a picture of the two of us back when I was in kindergarten. She had a bad perm and I was rocking bangs and an awful smile.

Mom: I got your greeting card, thank you. You are much beautiful now.
Me: Haha. I know I was an ugly child.
Mom: Yes, I did not know until now. Haha! But, you are alway my baby and cute, beautiful girl.

Just call me Married Minzilla, the Ugly Duckling.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Me: Does everyone have the handout?
Student: I ain't got one.
Me: You mean you don't have one?
Student: No, I ain't got one.
Me: Have. You don't have one.
Student: I AIN'T GOT ONE!


Student: Are you Korean?
Me: No.
Student: Are you Japanese?
Me: No.
Different student: Ain't Korean and Japanese the same thing?
Me: No.
Student: What are you then?
Me: It doesn't matter. Stop talking.

Good Day

Source: via Min on Pinterest

Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Me My Legal Pad

Robin, get me my legal pad. It's pros and cons time!

The Hubby often brings up a subject, asks me for my opinion, has to run off somewhere, and ends the conversation with, "Ok, go make a list."

I love lists. 

This list I'm currently working on, however, is the best list of all because it means something very special is about to happen. 

I'll let you figure it out.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Chocolate One?

Source: on Pinterest

Conversation I had with my BFF recently:

Me: I'm eating Special K cereal right now.
BFF: The chocolate one?
Me: What else?

I'm a sucker for healthful foods camouflaged with chocolate. How am I just realizing this now? These are the food items that I have been living off of for the past week or so. Unsalted almonds, soy chai tea lattes and fruit sometimes get into the mix as well. I hate cooking because I despise doing dishes, so much so that last night I ate frozen waffles instead of oatmeal because I ran out of clean bowls.

I used to be so satisfied with giant organic romaine lettuce salads with chicken, raspberry vinaigrette, sliced almonds and corn. The thought of eating another one is sickening. The Hubby claims that he wants to do a lot of the cooking when he returns. I'm pretty excited to stop eating like a poor/lazy college student.

Yes, Another Baby Post

So cute I can't stand it!

I spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at "dog and baby" videos on YouTube.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Around the House

This post is long overdue. It takes a lot of time and money to fill up an empty house, and we're almost complete. By the time we finish we will probably be moving again. I hope everything fits in our next home! Here are a few pictures of a few of my favorite details around the house. I think it's pretty obvious who does the decorating around here.

The Front Entrance:

Urban Outfitters 2x3 rug. After receiving it, I texted a picture of the rug to my sister and she replied that she had just purchased the exact same thing. This happens more often than normal.

The Living Room

It took a lot of time and energy putting this wall collage together, but I am in love with it. The Hang & Level tool is the best $12 we've ever spent. I purchased many of these prints at the Renegade Craft Fair in May. I bought a cheap voucher for Nan Lawson, thus all the Nan Lawson prints. We used RIBBA frames from Ikea because they were the cheapest option and I appreciate the nice, clean lines.

top row: Bella and Billy as puppies, Nan Lawson's The Boy Who Lived Print, Kate Thomas' Happy Letters, Kate Thomas' Sometimes Said Pooh print
middle row: Kissing the War Goodbye, wedding pictures by Hannah Suh, Nan Lawson's Wild Things Max print
bottom row: Nan Lawson's I Heart California print, Kate Thomas' It's Not What the World Holds print, Paper Pastries' I Left My Heart card, Viva Greetings card, Brainstorm Print + Design print

 We have a sofa table pushed against our back wall. Displayed on this table (from left to right): framed engagement picture, American flag flown in Iraq, shadow boxes (details below), a travel map, and little birdies my sister gave me as a housewarming gift. 

The travel map idea was from Design Sponge. I used a large picture frame for Ikea as a backing and pasted on top of it a cut out of the United States from a roll of cork from Hobby Lobby. The template for the shape of the U.S. did not work so I had to draw it out by hand, which is why Texas looks a bit sketchy. 

In purple are the cities The Hubby and I have visited together since being married and in yellow are the cities we travelled to before marriage. I plan on doing a different color for when we travel after having children. 

I like to collect pressed pennies when I can. I have one from the Nixon Library where we were married, many from Disneyland, and one from the San Diego Zoo. I stole our house key from Georgia and framed it. I will do the same with our house key from this house.

This vase was one of our first purchase for this house. I think it was about $7 from Ross. The candlesticks were a gift from our first dinner guest. Bella is a permanent resident of the living room. She looks upset because she finished her food.

I'm still in love with the pillow covers I made in July. I've since made a second one to complete a pair.

On a shelf above our television sits a print my sister gave us last Christmas and two hand painted wooden pegs we used as cake toppers for our wedding. Aren't they adorable?

The Kitchen

A quote by Julia Childs hangs on a wall in our tiny dining room: "People who love to eat are always the best people." If you do not like to eat, you are not allowed in this house. This is a fact. (The Best People Print by Kate Moore)

My Mickey Mouse timer and labrador salt and peper shakers bring so much joy into my kitchen.

I'm missing pictures from our guest room, bedroom, and craft room. It is so difficult getting good pictures from those rooms because of poor lighting. It's been so gloomy outside that I can't get anything worthy of posting, but hopefully I can share with you soon.

Active Duty Hallmark Commercial

This commercial makes me tear up every single time it airs on television. It makes me so thankful that The Hubby will be home for Christmas this year. It also makes me think of all our friends overseas and the sacrifices they make every day.

Have some time to fill out an extra Christmas card? Find an address here and mail out a holiday greeting to a Soldier. You can also participate in Holiday Mail for Heroes.

Deadline to send priority mail with guaranteed Christmas arrival through USPS to an APO/FPO address is December 3rd!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, Martha

Rerun of Martha Stewart on Leno last night:

Martha: As a good hostess or host, you don't let disasters phase you. If you drop your pot roast on the floor, just pick it up and say, "Luckily, I have another one in the kitchen." Then you clean it up in the kitchen and everything's fine.

Leno: You follow the three second rule, then?

Martha: My floors are impeccably clean, Jay. You can eat dinner off my floors.

Oh, Martha. You slay me.

Bella Fur

Bella's fur finds its way absolutely everywhere. There are parts of her in New York, California, Iraq, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida Texas, and who knows where else. Her fur migrates wherever we go. I have even found a strand of her fur stuck in-between my teeth one morning. Because of this, many of my clothing decisions are based on the fact that Bella has light colored fur.

So when I was going absolutely nuts in the adorableness that is Baby Gap, I couldn't help but think of Bella.

After swooning over this little bow hat and mitten set, I immediately thought, "Oh, no. I can't get this color. Bella's fur would be all over that."

And then I caught myself.


The Hubby keeps pushing our baby timeline back. I don't think I can make it seven more years, especially when I find myself dying a little bit every time I see tiny articles of clothing. We are in sooo much trouble.

Oh, Bella girl. Please make it seven more years because I want you to meet Future Kiddo.

If we have a boy in the future, he must have this cable knit one-piece. In french vanilla, of course. Bella's fur won't show up on that!

I have a feeling that I'm going to be a mom dressed in sweats with the most fashionable kid in town.

Lazy Black Friday

Went to bed at 11pm. Woke up at 3:10am. Drove to Target with T at 3:30am. Absolutely astonished to find a somewhat empty store with still loads of big ticket items left over from the midnight rush. High fived myself for picking a good time to go to the store.

Came out with our usual "Weeds" DVD sets for $7.99, a flannel shirt I've been eyeing for years, and a crockpot for $19. Good finds? Yes. Worthy of waking up at 3am? Most definitely not. Especially since the crockpot has very mixed reviews and I'm thinking of returning it already. At least T was able to find a great peacoat for $25 at Old Navy and I actually had a pretty great time.

Me with my finds and a very empty store. My eyes ARE open, btw, T!!

Toy Story wrapping paper. Awesome.

Justin Bieber wrapping paper. UNACCEPTABLE.

P.S. I found a great tutorial on how to keep your bangs out of your face while working out (or when you wake up at 3am and find that your hair is just out of control). No braiding necessary, which is perfect for me. When I put my bangs up I felt like I had brand new vision.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Single Married Wives Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving! The Hubby is still in Iraq, which made this Thanksgiving more pitiful than our last minute meal last year, but I am so glad that my friends decided to get together to celebrate. We headed to the DFAC on post for a $7 Thanksgiving buffet.

 I am truly thankful for my friends here. They have made this deployment so much easier. 

There were so many Soldiers sitting by themselves, which just broke my heart. Again, so thankful I have wonderful people here to keep me company on this holiday.

I asked for "a little bit of everything," but they kept piling it on my plates. There was a lot of food wasted and I felt pretty bad. There were Soldiers in their dress blues serving the food and everyone was so polite and kind. Although at one point a Soldier asked me my name and told me that I resembled a Lieutenant they had kicked out recently.

The people at the DFAC put so much effort to make the facility nice for everyone. It was very much appreciated.

Later in the evening, I took Bella to the local high school and ran on the track. I let Bella loose because the area was gated and she went absolutely crazy darting around back and forth. I also went home and did my 30 Day Shred DVD. It is so difficult to find motivation to exercise when your warm dog looks like this about 23 hours of the day.

I know that exercising on Thanksgiving is not allowed, but The Hubby is coming home very soon and I am running out of time. The man works out twice a day and has stuck with his crazy Paleo diet. I, however, still like to eat five cookies in one sitting and use winter as an excuse to get fat.

I'm off to take a quick power nap before heading out to Target for some Black Friday shopping. A friend and I spontaneously decided to participate in this madness just to say that we did it. All I want are the last two seasons of "Weeds" on DVD. I wonder what I'll come out with...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

12 by 2012 Update


Twelve things I want to accomplish by 2012 (an update):

1. Do some form of exercise every single day, rendering the use of Spanx unnecessary.
I'm a complete failure with this one. I did this for about a week and then told myself: "The Hubby hasn't seen many women since June. He'll be happy with whatever he gets."

2. Sew at least two articles of clothing.
Bought fabric for a skirt yesterday. Too bad it's not skirt weather!

3. Keep the house clean in case Ellen DeGeneres ever decides to surprise us with a trip to Hawaii.
Why is it that my house never remains clean for more than four hours?

4. Sleep before midnight on weekdays.
So far so good! I do love me some sleep.

5. Work at least three half days and two full days each week.
I've been working at the very least three full days each week.

6. Walk Bella daily.
Sorry, Bella. Your mama sucks.

8. Bake Poblano Cilantro Cornbread.
May change this goal to one of the many other recipes I would like to try, such as a 2 minute chocolate and salted caramel mug cake or artisan bread.

9. Go (mostly) Paleo for a week.
Waiting on the hubs for this one. I expect to be grouchy that week.

10. Be able to run for two miles without stopping.
Accomplished! I hit three miles back in October.

11. Make a yarn wreath for our door.
I'm thinking about making something like this instead.

12. Learn how to walk in heels.
Finally bought a pair of heels that I can walk on without looking like Bambi.

As you can see, I'm not going to accomplish all of my goals, but at least it's looking like I'll be able to do most of them!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Projects

DIY suede bracelets made by winging it after failing at following this tutorial. What kind of 23 year old female doesn't know how to braid?

Materials for less than $5. No beer required. I just love the pretty green bottle.

Caramel stuffed apple cider cookies. Absolutely divine fall treat and a huge hit at the potluck tonight. Nuke for 20 seconds for out-of-oven chewy goodness. A definite keeper.

Christmas gifts for family wrapped and ready to be shipped. Wrapping gifts is my favorite thing about the holidays.

Kraft paper wrap from Dollar Tree
Bird cut out from Creature Comforts
Banners from Lisa Rupp
Red dot tape from Michael's two years ago

How was your Saturday?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I honestly cannot tell you when I last shaved my legs. Days? Absolutely. Weeks? Most definitely. A month? Quite possibly. I just know that when I look down at my legs they look like my legs from middle school and most of high school.

My mother refused to let us shave. Nair was a proper solution, except that I was severely allergic to whatever crazy chemical that is in Nair that BURNS YOUR HAIR OFF. How this was safer than a razor? I have no clue.

Have I worn shorts recently and proudly showed of my hairiness? Uh huh. (See 5K)

Am I a feminist who doesn't believe in shaving? Nope.

Am I just incredibly lazy? You betcha.

I am so lazy, in fact, that I'm considering waiting to shave until right before The Hubby is scheduled to be home. His return is fortunately so soon that I can definitely hold off. No one gets close enough to me to see the hairs on my legs, anyway! This reasoning also applies to giving Bella a bath. Her stench has penetrated our carpets.

I know that after this you find me wildly attractive. I'm quite a catch, aren't I?

I feel bad for The Hubby who has to shave his face daily. Sucka!

Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I have been having a terrible streak of bad days at work. I came home crying last Wednesday and was merely thankful that I was able to control myself enough to wait to weep in the comforts of my own home.

"Don't let them win," my sister told me when I texted her that these nasty eighth graders were going to bring me to tears.

Signing up for a substitute job is always risky. All you are given is a time, place, subject/grade, and the name of the teacher you are subbing for. You can have a wonderful day or a completely horrendous one, and it all depends on what kind of students you happen to have.

I hate that these students have so much control over my happiness, especially because I am letting them. I do not have thick skin. I expect students to listen to me when I ask them to work instead of talk. I don't expect them to shout back, "I am working!" when it is obvious they are not as I stare at their blank pages.

I'm not supposed to let them get to me. I shouldn't invest so much of myself into kids that aren't my own. I may never see them again in my life. However, I can't help but feel for them. It is because I know they can do better.

I know the eighth grader who tells me she is going to drop out after the ninth grade so that she can join the Air Force can do amazing things if she wants to. The student who says, "I don't get it," and gives up right away just needs more patience.

I know that they can be respectful to their elders. They are capable of not rolling their eyes at me when I ask them to spit out their gum. They can be so much more.

Last week was traumatizing. The Hubby told me to quit when he heard me crying uncontrollably. He said that me crying because of a job is not normal and not worth it. "You're not used to dealing with such ignorant people," he explained.

And he's right.

Source: via Min on Pinterest

I never dared to talk back to adults when I was younger. I feared my mother. I feared being sent to the office. These kids have no fear.

"I'm writing your name down for the teacher to deal with you tomorrow," I say.

"Why? I didn't do anything wrong," the student will scream at me.

"You are being disruptive and I have asked you multiple times to stop talking and start working," I explain.

"You said we could talk if we worked!"

"But you're not working," I respond, patiently.

"Why are you writing my name down?!"

"Stop arguing with me. You're being disrespectful."
"I'm not arguing!"

But working makes me feel useful in this household. I love it when money deposits into our bank account because of something I did. We have so many things we want to do upon his return, and The Hubby should not have the burden of paying for all of it.

So every time I click "accept job" I cringe a little bit and hope for the best. I am terrified of each job I sign up for. Days of dealing with awful students have not made me any stronger, but instead they wear me down. And yet I continue because I want to better myself. I want to show myself that I can do this.

"It's only one day," I remind myself.

I don't have to be perfect at my job. In fact, I can be like any other substitute and just read while the students throw trash around the room and sit on desks. But that's not how I do things. I give it my all or I don't do it at all.

I don't want to give up on these students quite yet.

Old at Heart

I may only be in my early twenties, but I act terribly old. A student of mine asked me what kind of music I liked to listen to and when I told her that I went to a Death Cab concert recently she couldn't believe it. You know what? I can hardly believe it either. 

I completely skipped the part of my life where I was supposed to want to drink alcoholic beverages, stay out late, wear slutty outfits or party every weekend. Instead, I have always been the in-my-pajamas-at-eight and wear-a-big-shirt-over-my-swimsuit type of gal. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her that started at 9pm on a Tuesday night I was extremely hesitant. 

There are many things I dislike, and a concert had the potential for many things that make me uncomfortable. I don't like loud noises, big crowds, rude people or standing for long periods of time. But it was Death Cab for Cutie! The Hubby introduced me to them back when we first started dating in 2004. Our early stages of flirting involved me asking to borrow CDs from his massive collection and tucking in little love notes written on post-its inside the cases. 

I had never attended a concert before and I figured that a DCFC concert would be a good one to start with. I felt immense guilt for going without The Hubby, but I knew that he would be excited for me. We purchased balcony "seats" and arrived at the location two hours early to score a great view right in the front.

Telekinesis opened for DCFC and I really liked them a lot. 
What really made the experience difficult to enjoy was the fact that rude people who came in late continued to stand right in front of us, blocking our view completely. They decided to stand in the walkway before us (a major safety hazard, btw!) and completely neglected the fact that my friend and I had been waiting there for two hours for the perfect spot.

Hand of a horribly inconsiderate fan.

The lights were nice for the first ten minutes until I suddenly became very paranoid that I was going to get a stroke. I had to look away from all the strobe lights. I AM SO OLD!

Look at all the shiny lights!
In the end, I am very glad I went and tried something new. I think I would have enjoyed myself more if The Hubby was next to me simply because I was thinking of him the entire time. I had a great time bonding with a fairly new friend and I'm sure I burned some calories standing for so long and swaying. Next time, I will disregard the need to look cute and wear my sneakers.

This experience actually gave me a little bit of a concert bug and I began searching for concerts we could go to next year. I think I'll do better at a Michael Buble concert where I'll be one of the youngest attendees and hopefully everyone else will want to remain seated.

I also forced myself to go out of my comfort zone when my good friends here invited me to join them for a night out at the local bars (clubs?). This was the evening of the 5K and the cold air had given me a bad case of the sniffles, but I sucked it up and headed out at 9:30pm. That is incredibly late in my book, yet apparently this is considered early for those used to the night life. A bunch of crazies, I tell you!

This group of ladies is the reason why I survived nine months without The Hubby in Texas.
Did you know people are allowed to smoke indoors in Texas? The smoke made my eyes burn within thirty minutes and continued to bother me the next morning. I felt like I had spent the evening crying. I also thought that I would have to throw away all of the clothes I was wearing as they absolutely reeked by the end of the night. I absolutely hate cigarettes and I felt like I was losing a year of my life every minute I spent in that room of smoke. I told The Hubby that if he ever took up smoking I would leave him, and I'm actually quite serious about that.

Let me tell you that these folks sure know how to dance! It was so strange watching them line dance and do a two-step all around the dance floor. It looked like they were ice skating on a rink because they moved so smoothly. Girls were being tossed up in the air and men were twirling them around. They must practice these moves at home.

Every so often they would change from country music to hip hop so there were many men wearing cowboy hats dancing to Usher. It was an unusual sight. There were some women who would jump on the platforms to display their moves. I recorded these two women because they were so uncomfortable to watch. The blonde girl on the right was up there first and then came the older brunette who was trying to dance provocatively. She kept going up and down the blonde girl and would try to grab her leg. It was so disturbing and yet highly entertaining.

Sometimes, I wish I could enjoy a beer or a cocktail without gagging or feeling woozy, but at least being completely sober makes me a great designated driver. Despite being highly uncomfortable in these settings, I was glad I went with my girls simply because I branched out a little bit. I'm growing up!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pound Sign

The Hubby: Are you tweeting?
Me: I don't tweet!
The Hubby: I hate it when people have that stupid pound sign thing on their statuses. I just want to punch them in their face.
Me: Pound sign? Do you mean hashtag? Hahahahahaha! You don't even know what it's called!
The Hubby: (laughing)
Me: You...hahahah...pound sign? Hahahaha...
The Hubby: I'm blogging about this.

And blog I did!

The Hubby will be home soon. I can't wait to laugh with him in person.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


"That's winter," exclaimed The Hubby when he saw Bella curled up in a ball on the couch. She only sleeps like this when she's cold, and the colder it is outside, the rounder she gets.

While the thermometer claims that the house is in the low seventies, my body shouts that it is freezing. It's a very good thing that Bella no longer needs any persuading when I need to cuddle up next to her for warmth. She's dying for some extra heat herself.

Good Deeds #2 and #3

I'm sure I've done more good deeds since my last post, but I've just completely neglected to write about them. 

Good Deed #2:

While monitoring the flow of the lunch line today, I discovered that one of the lunch ladies was celebrating a birthday. I whispered to each student I let through of this so the hardworking woman received numerous birthday wishes and songs. Her face absolutely lit up every time someone said, "Happy Birthday."What an easy way to cheer up a stranger's day!

I started reminding the students to remember to thank the lunch ladies for their food. It's appalling to me that these eighth graders don't think of doing so themselves. That's such a basic thing you are supposed to learn even before you go to school.

"Don't forget to say thank you!"

"Who do I say thank you to?"

"The women serving you your food!"

At the end of each lunch I would go into the back room and personally thank the lunch ladies for their hard work. It's unfortunate that they are obviously stunned when I thank them, but they are also so grateful to be noticed for what they do.

Yes, you are!

Good Deed #3:

I mentioned to you back in April that I introduced myself to the nicest man on the planet, Robert, who just so happens works in the grocery store on post. Sometimes, Robert is not there when I shop, which means I have to deal with the crabbiest employees.

A few months ago, I introduced myself to an older woman with an awful attitude in an attempt to make our meetings with each other a little more pleasant. She was definitely taken aback when I stuck out my hand to shake hers. I saw her a few times since that encounter, but I didn't really see too much a change in her behavior towards me. I didn't give up though.

Tonight, I saw her struggling with two grocery carts stuck to each other. I went over there to help her and she was so thankful! Dana's mood turned completely around. I saw the frustration in her face completely melt away. I wonder how long she had been trying to get the carts apart and how many people just walk past her. All she needed was another hand.

To show her gratitude, Dana pointed me towards extra coupon books and talked to me about how one particular book had great ones with soup coupons. She even went out of her way to grab yet another coupon book that included healthy recipes. Dana may not be as outwardly polite or personable as Robert, but this was her way of showing me that she appreciated what I had done for her.


I know so many people who tell me that I am far too nice and that I care too much about others. The smiles I saw on these ladies' faces just proves to me that taking that extra little step to help somebody else is well worth it. I know that I cannot change the world. However, I can still make a difference in someone's day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Broom Spatula

Sister: There was a lizard in our bathroom so Mom killed it with Raid! 
Me: Eww! And she picked it up, too? 
Sister: No, she used that broom spatula thing.
Me: you mean a dustpan?
Sister: Yeah. A dustpan. I don't know what it's called. It's not like I ever use one.
Me: I'm blogging about this!

Just a warning to my sister's future husband that she does not have the best cleaning abilities. I was always the Martha Stewart out of the two of us, but she's better at just about everything else. At least I win in the chest area.

I grew up in a household of females. My grandmother is definitely the toughest of the bunch. However, she stopped babying us once we hit middle school and refused to get rid of any large spiders or the random geckos that would venture into our house during the summer.

My sister and I decided the best way to deal with such creepy crawlies was to cover them up with shoe box lids or overturned cups. And then we left them to be disposed of by whichever unfortunate male friend who happened to come by next.

Once, we had a lizard trapped under a box for so long before a boy came by that it completely dried up. "Oh, that must be the lizard I sprayed with Raid last week," my mother exclaimed.

Apparently, Raid is the best way to kill any unwanted creature in your household.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Repeat: Stick by You

Bumble Bella

Bumble Bella reporting in! I wanted to talk to you about what happened this past Monday. Mommy dressed me in an absolutely adorable bumble bee costume. It even had pink wings! Auntie gave it to me last year.

I thought I looked so good in my costume that I had my mom take pictures of me on both sides. I couldn't decide what my best side was because I am just so cute from wet nose to pointy tail.

Mommy had a great big bowl of candy. She would only let me smell it though because she said candy was too expensive to share with a dog. I thought she was crazy for putting in Army key chains, but actually the little kids thought they were so cool and they were a big hit!

Mommy wanted me to sit quietly and greet all the trick-or-treaters. However, I was too excited not to bark and lunge at all of them though so she locked me in my kennel! Humph! I was only trying to protect our house.

Even though I was locked in my cage, Mommy still had good company. Her friend brought over her own two dogs. Brutus stole my costume. Doesn't he know that pink is for girls?! Apparently, they were much better behaved so they were allowed to stay outside the entire time. Later, Brutus told me that some kid was trying to say hello by sticking his butt in his face! He kept shouting, "Here! Here! Smell!" Brutus did not want to sniff any kid's butt!

The most clever costume was this girl's Taylor Swift outfit. She even made that guitar herself and had a little hole on the top for people to slip in some candy.

Mommy was fighting a nasty case of the sniffles and wasn't sure if it was because of allergies or a cold. Daddy told her, "I think it's allergies because you have a bee in the house." Silly, Daddy! It's not like I stung Mommy with my little fabric stinger!