Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is what Bella does when I try to brush her. Sometimes, she will sit nicely and let me brush her for as long as I want. But mostly she gets so comfortable that she lies on her back and exposes the area of her body with the least amount of fur. And then she falls asleep and snores. And then I laugh.

"No, not a belly rub, Baby. Let me Furminate you!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Foot Rub, Please

Source: via Min on Pinterest

Sometimes, I just have the urge to run. I'll put on my sneakers that are slightly too clean considering I've had the same pair for over two years now and put Bella on her leash. And then we run. She zigzags back and forth in front of me and I have to make sure that I don't trip. Bella loves to run at full speed with me and I am always surprised by her intense energy.

It feels amazing for the first thirty seconds or so, but then I begin to feel my legs burning and quickly my lungs begin to burn. I am literally incapable of running a full mile without having to pause every two minutes or so. I have not run a mile since high school, and even then it too me at least fifteen minutes. This is an embarrassment for my husband who used to run marathons.

But I'm trying. Baby steps, right?

Except are my feet supposed to hurt so badly? Is something wrong with my posture? Are my bony feet just not made for this? Do I need better shoes?

Will I ever be able to run fast enough to get away safely when the zombies attack?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Bella hates her kennel. Actually, hate is not strong enough of a word to describe how Bella feels about being trapped in that cage. The sound she makes when she is in it is so awful that it makes me want to cry. 

She learned how to get out of the cage so we had to padlock it. We thought this would keep her from hurting herself, but while The Hubby and I were in San Antonio, we left her with a friend and she came home one day to find that Bella tore off a metal piece of the gate and scratched her nose. How is she not missing teeth?

She also bit off the two feeding bowls that were attached on the door where I used to leave her water.

So I started leaving her out, but then she tore up the house instead of her nose. And we can't exactly ask people watching her to hide all plastic bags, food items, Duraflames, lip gloss tubes, makeup bags or trash cans when they want to leave the house. When I found out about the Thundershirt, I thought that maybe she would be cured of all her separation anxiety issues.

I even splurged the extra five dollars so that she could look pretty in pink at all times.

But she went crazy when I put it on. Bella actually loves wearing clothes so I don't think she was uncomfortable or confused by it. The Thundershirt simply didn't work for us, and I was near tears when I saw that it wasn't going to work out. 

I'm glad that the Thundershirt comes with a 100% money back guarantee. They donate returned shirts to shelters to help other dogs.

Pretty Pillow

This is what I spent at least two hours doing yesterday. I made the cover for the pillow on the left. Not too shabby for my first attempt at making something fitted, right? My favorite part of the cover is that it is removable, which is crucial when you have a husband that spills chocolate on the couch all the time.

I followed a tutorial I found online although using her measurements made my case too loose and I had to make adjustments. I think this is because her pillow forms were fuller than mine. For the back of the pillow, I used leftover fabric from my apron project a few months ago. I really like the pop of color and this way I have enough of the printed fabric for another pillow. I just hope that it won't take as long the second time around.

I used fabric purchased from the Crate and Barrel Outlet when The Hubby was home for R&R. It was $4.95/yd and I bought it for curtains in my craft room. My curtain-less room made it impossible for me to do anything at night without passersby being able to see absolutely everything. The pillow I made was supposed to be for my craft room chair, but I love it so much that it is going to find room on our living room couch. I was never too fond of our original covers anyway.

Of course Bella went and slept on my freshly washed and ironed fabric. She has a habit of sitting on any type of cloth you leave on the floor. As I was putting up curtains, she would go and sit on top of the fabric on the ground while I was hanging the panel on the rod. This is the same dog who likes to sit on the towel at the beach instead of on the sand.

Pictures of my curtains later! I know I'm completely behind with blogging. Things have really busy here and will get busier.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Potter Fan

Caught Bella watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today. 'Twas magic that drew her in.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Part of 15 Days

I've decided to split up the summary of The Hubby's R&R into three parts. One entry on San Antonio, another on the Rangers game we attended, and this one with all the miscellaneous bits mixed in.

My husband tried to cuddle with Bella as often as possible while he was home. Most times, Bella was in between us. That little husband thief! I have been having difficulty convincing her to sleep on the bed with me lately because it has been so hot here, even with the air conditioning on. In cooler months, all I have to do is pat the bed once.

Bella loves her Daddy, but she just loves me more. She insists on being next to me. The Hubby demonstrated how as soon as he would remove his arm from the top of Bella's body, she would quickly move to get up. It wouldn't matter if she was sound asleep. Bella would try to escape from his grasp as soon as she found the opportunity to do so.

Do you have a husband that likes to cook for you? Because I do! The Hubby made all the meals we had at home. He even made me whole wheat chocolate chip waffles with fresh fruit while I was finishing up my morning work out. I married an amazing man.

But mostly we had unhealthy foods while he was home. One evening we ordered pizza from a popular place nearby. We were both highly disappointed. My cheeseless pizza had plastic saran wrap baked into the crust. I had to make the phone call to ask for a refund. After speaking to two different men and repeating, "There's plastic in my pizza" about ten times, they asked us to bring it in. I convinced The Hubby that it was the principle behind the matter and not the money so we drove the ten minutes back to get our $8 refund. 

I purchased five stems of what I think were yellow snapdragons for $4 at HEB a couple of days before The Hubby came home. I didn't have the right vase for them so I used empty Heineken bottles with the labels removed. Although they were already wilting the next day, The Hubby commented on my cleverness.

The last couple of days, I put The Hubby to work. I "asked" him to change out our air filter and he fixed the curtain rod that had come crashing down back in March. Most importantly he helped me put up all the art I had purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair a few months ago. A separate post on that later, although you got a sneak peek on Saturday.

I think one of The Hubby's favorite things was going to The Paramount Theatre in Austin for their annual Summer Classic Film Series. One of the first similarities we discovered about each other was our love for old black and white films. We were able to watch The Grapes of Wrath and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn truly belongs on the big screen.

We were also able to get my rings cleaned on the way to the Rangers game. I took this picture in the car while The Hubby had to run into a store really quickly. He was laughing at the way I couldn't resist staring at it in its original sparkling state. But then he saw how great it photographed and told me that I should post the picture.

"Aren't you happy I love my rings so much?"

And before we knew it, it was time for him to leave again.

On Repeat: Your Song

I could sing along to this all day.

Harry Potter (Said in British Accent)

Besides a steady paycheck and "free" healthcare, watching the last of the Harry Potter movie series six days before the official opening day is the best thing I have gotten out of The Hubby being in the Army.

And it was awesome. Like really awesome. It evoked emotions in me I didn't think I had for Harry, Hermione and Ron. The film ended with me satisfied, and yet completely depressed for the rest of the day. I didn't want it to end. 

I was seated next to a little boy who drew a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and wore a Gryffindor tie. I asked him if he was a big Harry fan and he shook his head and mumbled, "No." Little liar. Then he grabbed a piece of paper and put it in front of his face and shielded himself from me. Maybe I should never have any kids.

I was crying before events even occurred because I am very familiar with the novels. The little boy cried, too! I need to watch this movie in the comfort of my own home by myself so that I can truly bawl without concern of doing the ugly cry or my mascara running.

P.S. I had forgotten to take a picture of my ticket before I handed it over. I went back afterwards and asked for a ticket so that I could have a souvenir, but really I wanted to take a picture of it so that I could blog about it. I was just too embarrassed to tell him. You see what I do for you, readers? All five of you?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


My view while doing ab exercises this morning.

Dogs don't have to worry about looking good in string bikinis.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I Came Home To

I love you, but enough is enough, Bella. Your cuteness will not always work on me, especially when it is the day before trash day and I have peels of six apples rotting in an almost full trash bag. I do not want to drug you, but I will. And then I'll go back to sticking you inside your kennel even though you tear the crap out of your nose trying to break out. I just don't know what to do with you anymore.

I have ordered the Thundershirt and it is my last resort. I feel like I am a prisoner to my own dog, and it is getting absolutely ridiculous. Bella provides me with immense love, joy and comfort, but she also makes me incredibly angry at times. She is testing my patience and definitely giving me plenty of practice for future children. 

I love her. I really, truly do. 

Wait until Daddy hears about this.

Another Pie

Hope you all had a great 4 July! This year meant more to me simply because The Hubby and so many of our friends are currently serving the country overseas. We often think of this holiday as just a day off from work and a time to barbecue or tan at the beach (see you soon, beach!). But let's not forget about the thousands of men and women who continue to fight for our freedom every single day, holiday or not.

I organized for a banner to be sent out to our soldiers in Iraq. I asked family members to send in a decorated star along with a picture to be glued onto the banner. It was an incredibly arduous task and I made the banner on my own while The Hubby was still here over R&R, but this picture below made it all worth it.

I would say that I only received stars and pictures from maybe 20 different families, which was highly disappointing considering that there are about 130 soldiers in our company. The Hubby said that people really liked it, but those soldiers who didn't get a star were sad. Hopefully they don't blame the FRG for that! I worked my butt off.

The Hubby got his own little corner and it now hangs in his office. I don't think I could get him to put a picture of us at his desk so I guess this is a way for him to have a little bit of home at his work anyway.

P.S. This has become my go-to recipe for apple pie, although I mix the sugar/butter mixture with the sliced apples before dumping them in the pan instead of pouring it over the crust.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tomboy 2

I just came across this picture again from the dog walk my friends and I participated in early last month. Last time I saw this photograph the only things I noticed were 1. Bella staring straight at the photographer like the camera whore that she is and 2. I look like I am being yelled at by the women in the purple visor. 

And today I looked further down. Check out my girl's legs. She is definitely never shy. I wonder if it has to do with her two knee surgeries?