Thursday, March 31, 2011


A UPS delivery man dropped off a package at the door. Bella went running over there while barking her head off to defend our home. And then she was stuck. She can't seem to walk straight across the floor sometimes, and it really is just mind games that she plays on herself. I really believe she has some sort of OCD. I guess she keeps my day entertaining.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Armed with coupons I printed out at the library, I am going to drive an hour to Joann's and pick up some fabrics I need for several projects I have in mind. I'm in desperate need of doing something creative. Today will be a good day.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

In Pursuit of Happyness

My sister made a list of 100 things that make her happy and I wondered if I would be capable of making my own list. It started off being a lot more difficult that I thought it would be, but by the end of it I had found my stride and I could probably list many more if I wanted to.

The Tumblr Little Things definitely gave me inspiration though. It's a great blog that lists "all of the simple things we should appreciate."

1. A Raisinet that is more chocolate than raisin
2. When Bella sleeps with her head rested on any part of my body
3. When The Hubby spontaneously starts to dance to no music
4. The heat from the sun after coming out of a cold room
5. Hearing a song that I once loved but had forgotten about
6. Finding money in pockets or old wallets
7. Clever Chik-fil-a billboards
8. Television episodes where the main characters are held hostage
9. Old episodes of "Saved by the Bell", but not the college years
10. Comments on my blog so that I know people are reading
11. The super strong hand dryers in Target bathrooms
12. Cheeseless ham and pineapple pizzas from Domino's
13. Diet foods that don't taste like diet
14. Forever 21 $9.99 jeans that fit me properly
15. Dresses that don't make me look preggo
16. How spectacular my engagement ring looks after a cleaning
18. Good hair days
19. Good skin days
20. Recipes that turn out right
21. McAnything
22. No lines at the grocery store
23. Free samples. Free anything
24. Finding a good discount code on Retail Me Not. Buy one get one free large pizzas? Yes, please!
25. When Bella stretches her neck while sitting and tilts her head all the way back and looks like a wolf howling at the moon.
26. When Bella lifts up her face from a nap and it's a little smushed to the side
27. Pictures from our wedding
28. Sending out mail
29. Netflix's streaming option
30. When Lakers' games air on ABC
31. How much the neighborhood kids like petting Bella on our walks
32. Skinny days
33. The feeling after surviving a work out
34. When I make good food choices and control my chocolate and fried food cravings
35. My smoking hot, but sensitive, husband
36. The clearance section at Target
37. My legs after I shave them, which is rare these days
38. Blasting Disney music in the car and knowing every single word

39. Costco churros, chicken bakes, and fat-free frozen yogurt
40. Humming along to Disney's Fantasmic show and making a fool of myself, but not caring one bit
41. Being so entranced by a book that you can't put it down
42. Corny movies about teenage love. Coming of age movies
43. Bubble baths in nice hotel rooms
44. Finally remembering where you recognize an actor from when you see him/her in another role
45. Dresses and skirts with pockets
46. Making new friends without any hassle
47. Random acts of kindness
48. Well-behaved children
49. Seeing fathers with their kids
50. Breyer's lactose free vanilla ice cream
51. Finally beginning to use my sticker collection after hoarding them since middle school
52. Compliments from strangers
53. Eating perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy fruit
54. Putting on or taking off my bra without taking off my shirt
55. Sleeping in my underwear
56. When the house is at a comfortable temperature without any need for a heater or air conditioner
57. The first hug and kiss from my husband after not seeing him for days, weeks, or months
58. Plans that work out exactly as I had hoped
59. The cruise control function on our car
60. The first bite of a chocolate bar
61. Freshly made glazed donuts
62. Free bread from Angelo's and Vinci's, Red Lobster, or Cheddar's
63. When friends remember that I have an obsession with Snoopy and help me build my paraphernalia
64. Pretty gift wrapping

Amazing packaging by Rebecca for Christmas! Doilies, twine, and mason jars. A few of my favorite things.

65. When time flies when you want it to
66. Pens with ink flow that is just right
67. Finding the perfect gift for someone
68. Being organized
69. Itty bitty children's clothes
70. Splurging for Starbucks' soy chai tea lattes
71. When The Hubby reaches for my hand in the middle of the night
72. New clothes that look even better when I wear them at home than they did in the dressing room
73. Putting on chapstick when I really need it
74. When a movie was better than you expected
75. Beach volleyball games and finding people who want to play as long as you do
76. Getting tans without meaning to
77. Being invited to do things
78. Nutella waffles. Nutella cupcakes. Nutella stuffed French toast. Nutella cookies. Nutella on its own.
79. Having a coupon for something that you actually need
80. Thank you notes
81. Great service at a restaurant
82. Crawling into bed after a long day
83. When The Hubby warms up my side of the bed for me so that I don't have to deal with cold sheets
84. Driving to a new location and not getting lost once
85. When I let someone into my lane and they do the hand wave gesture to say thanks
86. Nice cashiers at a store or operators on the phone
87. Hearing that you've made someone's day
88. Taking a good picture
89. Back and foot rubs without asking for them
90. Hearing my husband say, "I love you."
91. Comfortable new shoes
92. Trying on clothes and realizing that you need a size smaller
93. The interaction between Abed and Troy on "Community"

94. Asian candy and snacks
95. My grandma's cooking
96. Teaching someone how to do something and not getting frustrated once
97. The instant satisfaction of Toll House break and bake cookies
98. Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupons
99. Seeing an older couple still madly in love
100. Leaving hidden notes for The Hubby to find

On Being Asian in a Military Town

Funny because it's true (source)
Growing up in Southern California, there was a plethora of people of all ethnicities. My family lived in an area abundant with Chinese supermarkets, boba tea shops, and Korean BBQ buffets. I did not know a world without these wondrous things until I moved to Georgia last April.

In Georgia, I was a strange being. I felt like an exotic creature in a strange place, and I received stares wherever I went. It didn't help that I would walk in to places with my half Hispanic husband, either. When I saw another Asian person, I would smile and be reminded of home because it was such a rare occurrence. More often than not, I am the ONLY Asian person in the room.

To emphasize how rare this was back home, let's rewind to the day before our wedding in 2009. We had a couple of out-of-state groomsmen with us and we wanted to show them the marvelous fast food joint that we Californians like to call In-N-Out. My husband's best man is over six feet tall and as he turned around from the line, he towered over all the rest of the customers. At that moment in the afternoon, and I'm not exaggerating, every single customer except for my husband and his friends were Asian.

"Are we in Hong Kong or something?", he joked.

I remember being in the beautiful National Infantry Museum and an older woman in a thick southern drawl said, "Oh, you look so peerrty!" before she patted my behind. This may not have anything to do with my thick black hair or squinty eyes, but I think I stood out for looking different from the other passersby.

Years ago when I walked into the New York Public Library on my own, the security guard asked coyly, "Where are you from? Japan?" I answered abruptly, "No, I'm from California." And then I peaced out.

And again one time at JFK airport, some man said to me with a wide smile and obviously pleased with himself, "an nyoung ha se yo," which is the Korean phrase for "hello." This did not impress me. It did not make me happy. Instead, it made me furious. Please say hello to me in English. Just because I look foreign, doesn't mean that I don't understand America's primary language!

Things have not been any different in Texas since settling in here at Fort Hood. I only know one wife here who is Asian. We met at an officer's wives coffee months ago. As soon as I walked into the house where the coffee was hosted, she locked eyes with me and darted in my direction. She asked me if I was Korean, and I saw her heart drop when I broke the news that I am Chinese. She did not know much English, and I did not see many other wives try to break the language barrier with her so I kept her company for as much as I could.

And all I could think of was what the other wives must be thinking. "Oh, of course the only Asian wives would get together."

There is a Korean market near post and The Hubby gets his haircuts there for a dollar cheaper. I would tag along every now and then and without fail, I would be greeted with "an nyoung ha se yo." And again I would disappoint them when they discovered that I knew no Korean.

Being Chinese is always the last guess people can think of when they try to determine "what" I am. The number one assumption is Korean, and then Japanese, and lastly Chinese. This has to do with which countries have an American military post. It's as if they never think that my American soldier could have fallen in love with an Asian woman in the States.

I often wonder if The Hubby's colleagues are surprised by my perfect English when I first meet them. I know for a fact that his West Point friends teased TH for his Chinese girlfriend with the very non-American name of Min. It's a sad thing, really.

I've always found the Chinese language to be high-pitched, whiny, and unnecessarily loud, which is why I never thought that I would miss it. But if I hear you speak Mandarin in a store, I will no doubt follow you around just to take in a little piece of home. I stare at Asian families on the rare instances that I see them in the the mall, and I'm sure I've scared a few tweens.

All of these words to simply come to the point of this: Californians, be thankful for the diversity in your neighborhood because you will not encounter it anywhere else. Enjoy not getting stares from strangers or being told that "all ya'll look the same." Embrace the fact that you can get sushi, burritos, and burgers all in the same shopping center. It's a wonderful thing.

Also, please send me haw flakes, dim sum, pad thai, pineapple fried rice, and pho. K.Thx.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Double Double, Please

*This is yet another diet post. What is it about people on a diet and their inability to talk about anything else? I have become one of them and I apologize.

During a wonderfully long Skype conversation today with The Hubby, he half-jokingly said that I should get some Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's for dinner. And then I realized that I haven't had any fast food since he left in February! You should have seen the obvious look of disbelief on my husband's face, and I don't blame him because he knows my love for McAnything. This, my friends, is an incredible accomplishment for me as there is a McDonald's literally two minutes and two turns from our home.

I woke up this morning, and while I was changing into my workout outfit like I typically do, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I was really pleased for the first time in awhile. So pleased, in fact, that I finally had the nerves to take some pictures of myself in a bikini (without sucking anything in at all) so that I can compare my progress through photographic evidence later on. I was definitely not prepared for this a month ago. And if I finally reach my goals, I might show them to you. "Might" is the key word here.

If you remember from my post a month ago, my ultimate goal was to drop down to 115 lbs, but I realized that this number is completely arbitrary. I have since adjusted this goal to something entirely different: I want to be toned and fit, but not "Geez, somebody feed that girl a hamburger" stick thin. I want to turn my flab into muscles. I don't want to look like someone can break me in half like a twig, but instead I want to be strong.

And I want to do all this by July because I plan on visiting the wonderful beaches in California then and I also have a sleeveless bridesmaid dress to wear. 

I've noticed that I judge people by what they put in their shopping carts while grocery shopping, and I feel SO mean when I do it, but I can't help it. Frozen pizzas, sugary cereals, Texas Toast, Oreo cookies, and soda...all I can think is, "You really don't need that" and then I feel bad for their children. I'm really judgmental, I know.

I watched Jamie Oliver's inspirational and really mind-blowing speech about how America needs to change their eating habits last night, and I believe that everyone should watch it. I hope that when I'm a parent I can stay away from the fast food and TV dinners route and feed my children home cooked meals and prepare their lunches everyday. 

Easier said than done, I know. Especially since I eat more microwaveable meals for dinner every week than I cook. Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals are keeping me from starving (or from hitting Mickey D's every night).

And yet I'm totally craving a big, fat, juicy burger right now. I can't believe I've started to chew gum and drink water instead of baking cookies for dessert.

Also, I just discovered that In N Out is coming to Dallas, just three hours away. We were conflicted between going to Dallas or San Antonio for The Hubby's R&R later this far, Dallas is in the lead because mama needs a double double.

On Love

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plans for Tonight

I've spent most of the day waiting to see if The Hubby would come online with no luck. I really wanted to speak to him today.

As a result, I finally scrubbed down the tub in our master bathroom. The Hubby has been using it as a way to catch body powder every morning and it was Bella's bath for the longest time. But tonight, it will be mine. I'm hoping that a little bit of pampering will help lift my spirits and help me sleep better later.

Vanilla frosting scented candles and vanilla amber bath salts while I listen to a recording of Eat, Pray, Love... I plan on coming out of the tub smelling like a bakery shop and I'm going to stew in my own filth until any stress I may have melts away.

And I'm going to pretend that I have a bathroom like this while I'm at it.

Or a tub like this.

Furry Cuteness

I don't feel like posting, so instead I leave you with pictures of cute animals. Prepare to swoon.

Source: via Min on Pinterest

Source: via Min on Pinterest

Source: via Min on Pinterest

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Source: None via Min on Pinterest

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Knew I Had to Have Them

I was browsing through the TJ Maxx website and people put up their "finds". I came across this one and the description is hilarious. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crash! (The Answers)

Here are the answers from Monday's post. Spencer was the only one that participated, and although he answered every question incorrectly, he still gets a virtual high five because I'm cool like that. Don't leave me hangin', bro.

1. Who/what caused the incident? Improper installation and a strong wind knocked the entire thing down.
2. Who installed the curtain rod in the first place? Surprisingly, it was The Hubby. But I supervised so I supposed I am to blame, too.
3. How long do you think it will be until that curtain will be fixed? I've been ordered by the Lieutenant to leave it for until he gets back. No problemo, sir. That was my original plan, anyway.

Also, I'm really missing home right now. I'm going to try to make it to May (or July, eep!) until I see my precious California and all its wonderful residents and foods again. I've never felt the need to go to the beach until I moved far, far away from it. Ah, to play some beach volleyball again...

Source: via Min on Pinterest

I Made A Useless Apron

Back in February, I had made a little half apron and was pretty proud of the results. After that success, I was feeling pretty confident and said that my next venture would be this Tea-And-Crumpets Apron from Anthropologie.

I can't tell you how many times I've walked into that store and felt my heart drop every time I would turn over that little price tag that might as well say, "Keep dreaming!" This apron, priced at $32, has been on my mind since I first saw it, and it became one of the main reasons why I wanted a sewing machine of my own.

Well, I finally got the courage to make it on my own and here is the final product! I have had the fabric for over a month now, but I didn't want to begin because I thought I would fail miserably and then give up sewing altogether. Eight hours over three days, a lot of swearing, and pin pricks later...

I made the entire thing with trusty Ken from all 100% cotton fabrics. The only pre-made thing was the strip of ruffles at the very bottom of the apron because I didn't feel like doing it. I did make the ruffles attached to the top half of the apron though! I tossed the receipt, but I think the total cost of the project was under $8.

I am an extremely messy cook and dishwasher so I doubt this apron will see too much action in the kitchen unless we have guests. I definitely will not be wiping my dirty hands on it like I usually do with my poor aprons. 

This tutorial on how to make ruffles helped me a great deal. 

Although I did not take pictures of the process and therefore do not have a tutorial, here are the measurements of the pieces in case you want to make your own (click to enlarge). I constructed the apron through a lot of trial-and-error and this tutorial by someone who made the same apron helped a lot, too. That blogger even provides a downloadable pattern, but I don't currently have a working printer so I had to wing it.

I used the apron I already owned for a guideline on the necessary measurements and also zoomed in on the picture of the apron on the website to see the construction. If I decide to make another one for a friend I'll post a tutorial.

I don't own a tripod so I had to use my kitchen island and my camera's self-timer to get some decent pictures. This is attempt # 47.

And although this picture is really blurry, Bella looks adorable and is probably thinking, "Mama, why are you so vain?" There are a lot of headless shots because I'm sick and my face and hair are definitely not camera-ready these days.

Some friends said that I should try selling them, but I don't feel comfortable with that idea for several reasons. First of all, this apron is a complete knockoff of the Anthropologie one and there must be some kind of legal issues with that. Second, I would probably have to charge more than $32 simply because it's such a tedious project. And finally, I have no idea how well the apron will hold up after a wash.

But don't be surprised if you receive an apron or tote bag for your birthday or Christmas!

I'm tempted to make a dress now, since an apron is basically the front of a dress, right? Maybe I should stick with the basics first before I go crazy.

Next projects now that I have a zipper foot attachment for Ken:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snot and Stuff

Source: via Min on Pinterest

I'm taking a sick leave from working out and dieting (although it's really hard for me to stop counting calories). I've removed the possibility of it just being allergies, and have determined that it is a full-blown cold. I look and feel like crap.

You know what's worse than being sick? Being alone and sick because then you don't have anyone to guilt into doing the dishes, making dinner, or feeding the dog. But at least you can get away with not showering for longer or the two large pimples that have magically appeared on your chin.

I really just want to pop a couple of Tylenol PMs and knock out for the entire day, but I don't think the two pups would be too fond of that. For the past week, I have been frightened awake by loud barks at around 0500. Penny is ten times more alert than Bella is so she barks at EVERYTHING.

And there is a lot of noise in an Army neighborhood starting early each day because a soldier does not have the normal 9-5 job. And more noise at 0800 from kids walking to their bus stop. Needless to say, I have had a hard time getting some rest around here.

But on a happier note, my best friend Tiffany has been accepted into UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, only the second ranked vet school in the nation. You know, no biggie. Congrats, Tiff! You worked your ass off and have the battle scars of dealing with frightened cats and dogs to prove it. Free vet exams for life for us, yo!

Also, I have worked a total of maybe seven hours on my own not-$32-Anthropologie apron and it's looking good. I plan on finishing it up today if my body can take it so look for results soon. If you don't see any pictures of a new apron up then I probably just failed miserably, and you should forget I mentioned it at all, capiche?

And I'm off to get some groceries because I'm all out of fruit and butter, two staples in my life. I hope I don't run into anyone I know as I do not plan to brush my hair or put on any makeup. Just be happy that I'll at least throw on a bra.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crash! (A Guessing Game)

A curtain rod in our bedroom came crashing down yesterday afternoon.

Thankfully, nothing was damaged and we don't have a small child around.

It's time to guess who/what caused this incident.

Was it:

A) Improper installation and a strong wind?

B) Our pesky resident troublemaker, Bella?

or was it

C) Our week-long visitor, Penny?

Question 2: Who installed the curtain rod in the first place? The Hubby or me?

Bonus Question: How long do you think it will be until that curtain will be fixed?
A) Two days
B) Two months
C) Not until The Hubby gets home

Results on Wednesday. Winner with the right answers gets a virtual high five.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Make: English Muffin Pizzas!

Dieting has done something strange to me. It makes me think of food all the time. If I eat ___ now, will I be able to eat ____ later? Is this half a cup of grapes or is it actually three-fourths? I can't wait to wake up in the morning so that I can eat again.

When my sister came for her visit, it was impossible for me to maintain my diet. We ate and ate and snacked on candy until bedtime. My sister, who slathers butter on biscuits without any hesitation, is someone who can eat and not gain any weight at all. Yeah, one of those girls.

The extent of my workout was canoeing in Austin and shopping, and this continued for another week. My seven-day break undid all the hard work I had done previously, and I gained the weight I lost back. No good at all. 

I'm coming down with a cold, or maybe it's allergies, and I have been combating it with 500% of Vitamin C supplements daily along with cups of water. It took every ounce of willpower today to pop in my 30 Day Shred DVD and put on my sneakers. I half-assed it but at least I broke a good sweat. 

I have really great breakfasts each morning: scrambled egg white substitute with some pepper and ketchup, lightly buttered and toasted whole wheat English muffin, and a cup of dark chocolate almond milk (320 calories, 16 g protein). This meal is something that I look forward to and holds me off until lunch and after my workout. 

Today's lunch was especially satisfying because it was a healthy version of pizza with much fewer calories, but the same amount of yummyness. 

The Hubby and I used to make pizza at home with store-bought healthy ingredients, but the pre-made pizza crust was loaded with calories. Baking the toppings on a split light English muffin, however, is a great 100-calorie crust alternative. Toasting it beforehand keeps it from getting soggy.

The other day when I ate out for dinner I chose to replace my side of fries with a salad (no cheese, dressing on the side, ate only two croutons). And if that isn't enough proof that I have changed my ways, I don't know what is. I NEVER say no to fries. NEVER.

Booyah! (And On Being Green)

After the Great Ikea Assembly Project of 2011, I was left with a mountain of boxes to bring to the recycling center on my own. It took us months to slowly get rid of our Ikea box graveyard so I was not looking forward to handling this mess by myself. The Hubby, being the gentleman that he is, would let me sit in the passenger seat while he dumped everything on his own. I didn't have to move a finger.

I was able to jam everything in the car so that I only had to make a single trip! I ended up crawling on top of all the boxes to push the pile down enough so that I could see out of the back window. But this was the easy part.

The difficult part was figuring out how to open up the lid with one hand and being strong enough to lift boxes above my head with the other arm all while battling the strong winds--a task that would have been much easier if I had the biceps of my husband.

But, I did it! Another solo accomplishment to be proud of. I don't need no man!

I've been taking steps in this household to be a little more "green":

  • Unfortunately, our waste department does not offer a free recycling alternative and charges customers extra every month if they want to enter the recycling program. I've started putting plastic bottles and cardboard/paper products in a separate bag to take on post to recycle on my own.
  • I always bring my own reusable bags to every store when I shop. They are so much sturdier than the plastic ones so I make less trips back to the car when I bring groceries in. I have a collection of plastic bags still in my pantry from the rare instances that I forget to bring my own bag in, and I plan on saving some for doggy-duty and taking the rest to Walmart because they recycle plastic bags.
  • Electronics still use energy even when they are turned off (vampire power) so we unplug everything when not in use. Microwave, toaster, television, even lamps. It'll help save on your electricity bill, too.
  • I've always nagged The Hubby to turn off the faucet when he brushed his teeth. Our water bill is so outrageous that I'm a water Scrooge. I only run the dishwasher when it is full and if I hand wash anything I turn off the water unless I absolutely need it. And when the house heats up enough, I will go back to turning off the shower while lathering and only use the water for rinsing. 
  • I now purchase laundry detergents that are good for the environment, such as Method or the cheaper Purex Natural Elements. I also chose to grab the more expensive Ziploc Evolve bags than the regular ones because they're better for the environment. I only use Ziploc bags for separating bulk chicken breasts for easy defrosting.
  • I use reusable and washable towels when I wipe down the house so that I don't have to use paper towels. 
  • It would be so much easier for me if I had purchased disposable plates, but I never allowed myself because I know that otherwise I would use them 
Anyone else trying to be a little bit more friendly to our beautiful Earth? 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Austin is known for their great music scene and South By Southwest is one of the most anticipated events they have each year. I did not go this year because A) Austin is really really far, B) I hate traffic and crowds, C) I didn't want to go without The Hubby.

But I missed out on live performances by Bright Eyes along with numerous other bands.

You’re watching Bright Eyes - SXSW 2011. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

I really hope TH comes home early enough next year so that we can go enjoy this great Austin experience together.


This is post #301. Thanks for sticking it through!

(I had meant this post for #300, but I lost track. D'oh!)

Source: via Min on Pinterest


She did not get this sitting habit from her mother.

Well, maybe...

On Repeat: Better Man

Morrison's voice draws me in and melts my heart. It was really difficult picking which of his songs to post on here so hit him up on YouTube.

Also loving his acoustic rendition of the classic "Man in the Mirror".

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With love

Edit: Living Social is matching each $5 donation to the Red Cross with another $5, meaning that you can pay $5 for a $10 donation. The Hubby and I just took advantage of this. Will you?:

Admittedly, I had avoided watching the news about the disaster in Japan. The images of anguish and devastation were just too much for my weak heart. As much as we would like to ignore the events of the world around us that do not affect us directly, we must make more of an effort to be aware of what is going on so that we can aid those less fortunate in any way possible.

Tomorrow, I will be participating in a bloggers day of silence to raise awareness and acknowledge the devastation going on in Japan. This means that there will be no posts tomorrow.

You can find more information on this day of silence along with ways to donate to relief efforts through the site Utterly Engaged.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Unfortunately, these were the best pictures I could get of Bella with her new holiday bandanna. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cruciatus Bitch!

I love me a good Harry Potter joke.

Really, though. These Texan spiders are hardcore.


My friend Spencer, who always gave in to pleas from Bella for belly rubs, shared this video with me tonight.

Does this snarl remind you of anyone?

Of course it was the Labrador.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I got very little sleep last night. I woke up at 0330 and didn't go back to sleep until 0630. And this creature would not let me catch up on my sleep this morning because she was hungry and demanded to be fed.

And guess what she's been doing since the time she finished her breakfast until now? That's right, SLEEPING. Snoring at my side on the couch, completely pushed up against the side of my body with her legs completely sprawled out.

I'm giving myself a break from working out today. My body aches from exhaustion.


My sister-in-law sent this video to me a long time ago and I forgot to post it here. It's a video of Bella's (much larger) brother, Billy, watching a video of her. The two of them were best buds as puppies. 

Now, I just need a video of Bella watching a video of Billy watching a video of Bella.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You Fancy, Huh?

I have a new obsession. It is called Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 and it is awesome. It's a free game that can be played online or you can install it using the Google Chrome Web Store.

I'm quite horrible at it and my palms sweat profusely when I play, but I love it.

Maybe when I have time to kill I should read a book or do something more productive instead?


I'm fooling around with the look of my blog so hang in there with me. I'm loving my new colorful and wonderfully girly background that is currently blinging out this old thing that used to be far too boring. I got it from Katrina at Pugly Pixel who is crazy talented and inspirational.

If you're like me and don't have the skills to make your own patterns for the background of your blog, check out Colour Lovers for some amazing ones.

I probably should have done a before and after screen capture, but I didn't think so far ahead. Bad blogger!

Hope you like the new changes! Now I just need to figure out a pretty header banner...

On Repeat: David Choi

I'm on a David Choi kick. He's one of those YouTube sensations and I have his music playing for hours at a time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Well


At around 1850 today, I had a sudden craving for apples over chips, cookies or ice cream. This rarely ever happens so I headed to the commissary immediately. But I forgot that the commissary has the strangest store hours and it was closed by the time I arrived at 1900.

Sure, I could have headed to another grocery store fifteen minutes away, but the sun had set and I don't go out into Killeen alone when it is dark out, like Will Smith's character in "I Am Legend".

So I took it as a sign that the world does not want me to diet and I ate some Thin Mint Grasshopper cookies instead.