Saturday, July 31, 2010

Present Face

The Hubby's little brother turned eight two days before my birthday. For the first time, he requested The Hubby send him "an Army shirt" as a gift.

We sent him one of The Hubby's old ACU shirts with all of the badges and pins, including his Ranger tab. Also included in the package was a dirty cap, tattered ACU shirt and a spicy penne pasta MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). The birthday card was addressed to "Lt. Schmidt".

The Hubby was extremely excited for Dylan to open his present, but we were afraid that he would react indifferently. You know the response that you make when you receive a gift that you don't really like and answer with "Aw, you shouldn't have." Watch the following video and you'll understand.

But, thankfully, Dylan really seemed to love his gift and it got a great response from all the guests at his birthday party (most noticeably his proud dad). Check out this little Ranger!
He'll need a few years to grow into it, but it sure looks good!
They were thoughtful enough to send us a video of him opening the gift. Click here to view. Dylan doesn't tear open the USPS box until about 0:55. Watching this video made us miss home so much, especially with the kids growing up so quickly.

Happy birthday, little bro. I can't believe I've known you since you were a biting and spitting two year old.

Friday, July 30, 2010

At Least I Get The Car

The Hubby finally shared his schedule for next month, and it is pretty awful. The girls will have the house to ourselves for half of the month.

The days marked in orange are days he will spend out in the field.

The rest of the days he will be home. A lot of lonely days and nights are ahead of us.

He will also be gone from mid-October to Thanksgiving. Going home during this time seems tempting, but my family moved and there will probably be no room for me.

And what would we do with Bella? Oh, I miss you so, California. Don't forget me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Look of Love...

...for cookies, cereal, ice cream, or anything edible really.
You thought it was the look of love for one of us, didn't you?

Not So Subliminal Messages

I think Target is trying to tell me something...

Last week:

Me: Guess what?
The Hubby: What?
Me: I killed another bug in the guest bathroom today! A pincher bug!
The Hubby: Oh...I thought you were going to say that you were pregnant and I was excited.
Me: ....I'm blogging about this.

I know that I write about babies pretty often, but The Hubby and I are not planning on having kids anytime soon. We're batting for 2015 at the earliest. Surprisingly, The Hubby has more of a baby fever than I do. While he was at Ranger School, I had it and it must have transferred over sometime in the past few months.

Every now and then we have the following conversation:
The Hubby(after seeing a cute kid): I want one!
Me: Yeah. Good luck with that.

This is definitely not a good time for pregnancies or infants. I do not want to go into labor alone or raise a newborn by myself while he's in Iraq. Plus, it wouldn't make any sense financially. We like eating steak every now and then for dinner, ya know.

Also, Bella is enough to take care of right now. Sometimes I lose track of where she is and forget that she's still outside. Bad mommy!

So sorry to any grandparents or parents or sisters of ours who want little Mins and The Hubbys running around....although they would be awfully cute, don't you think?

Turn Down, Let Down

My birthday was overall a nice day that was a welcomed interruption to my daily life. I loved hearing from old friends. If they hadn't called, the only spoken words out of my mouth would have been towards Bella.

I got some great goodies from The Hubby's mother: a baking for gift-giving cookbook, a Pioneer Woman cookbook, and enough soda and candy to make our teeth rot (just the way I like it).
The Hubby came home with a rose and a new camera hidden behind his back. What a sweetheart. As soon as the camera battery was fully charged, I proceeded to paparazzi Bella and she really didn't appreciate it. I think she has actually started to turn away every time she hears the camera power on.

I don't think you can see the difference in the camera quality yet, but I'm still learning!
If you receive this thank you card from me, know that I almost chocked after licking the envelope. I thought I would just make this public announcement to let you know that these are the worst tasting envelopes ever.

And this is what your sink looks like when you decide that you don't want to do the dishes on your birthday. Can't we just move or buy new dishes?
But the day ended in a somewhat sour note when I realized that I had to turn down the job that I announced I accepted yesterday. In all caps. In bold. In a larger font than everything else. How embarrassing. Not one of my proudest moments for sure.

We realized that it would be impossible to share a car since The Hubby needs it throughout the day for work and the job doesn't pay nearly enough to come close to breaking even if we purchased a new car. Talk about a bicycle was even in the works, but Texas likes to crap down torrential downpours with little or no notice.

So I called back this morning and felt like a complete asshole for wasting everyone's time. I can't help but feel good that I was offered the job over the cocky woman that I wrote about before, but then again she's probably going to get a call today for the same job since I backed down.

I'm not all too upset about this situation, although it would be a lie if I said that I was indifferent. I didn't much care for this job. I just wanted a job. Quite honestly, I am getting fat and lazy and need to get off this couch. I've lost interest in cleaning and cooking and I'm running out of television shows to watch.

But I want to make sure that I make it clear to you that I am not in any way miserable. I am so happy to be married and seeing my husband every day, even if it just for six hours, is enough to make me forget that there is no Disneyland here. I just miss having responsibilities and having the freedom to go wherever I want when I want.

I think The Hubby feels bad for me, but it isn't his fault. He works so hard and I hate that he has eleven hour work days, comes home and works some more, and has to muster up the energy to entertain me when all he probably wants to do is nap with Bella.

I am so glad that I started this blog so that I have some source of a creative outlet. I don't write solely for comments. This is mainly just cheaper than therapy, but here is my desperate plea for my readers to comment a bit more. Right now, I only have three loyal readers who comment regularly and I know that there are more of you out there! I hope!

I don't know if you understand just how much time and energy it takes to put up a single post. A girl just needs to know if she's being heard, you know? Especially if blogging is the only productive thing she does all day.

I'm available for hire if you need someone to wrap your gifts or make invitations. Will work for ice cream and scrapbooking supplies. Just kidding. Sorta.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


To Whom It May Concern,

Daddy bought Mommy a new camera for her birthday, and she won't stop taking pictures of me! She says that she's trying to figure out all the settings for the camera so that she can improve the quality of her pictures, but what does a doggy have to do around here to get some sleep?
Really, I know I'm adorable, but this is quite enough.
Sniff you later,

Thanks for all the texts, mail, phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, packages and love on my birthday. All the love right back at ya!

Attachment Issues

I always knew that Bella had a strange need to be next to me all the time. She won't leave the bedroom to go potty under The Hubby's orders unless I leave the room. Bella even follows me into the bathroom when I shower and sits on the bath mat until I come out.

Her issues seem to have escalated ever since I left her for three months and then put her on a scary plane while locked in a small cage.

I propped a camera in our dryer and videotaped what Bella does when I leave her by herself. I was only gone for a little over two minutes to get the mail. She looks and sounds so pathetic! I never want to leave this poor baby again.

This is why Bella sleeps in our room. We tried to lock her in the laundry room one night, but she ended up crying like this for an hour and a half.

Funny side note: I accidental dropped one of my pillows on top of Bella in the middle of the night and she bolted away. I barely saw her hind legs dart into the darkness. I felt terrible, but not enough to stop myself from chuckling.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hip Hip Hooray!

On my 22nd birthday (to be updated as the day goes on) I did/got the following:
  • To get a kiss goodbye before Bella when The Hubby leaves for work in the morning
  • For Bella to go potty without persuasion
  • To walk around in my underwear for as long as possible
  • To eat ice cream for breakfast (did not happen because I ate all my ice cream last night instead. FAIL)
  • To bake without guilt
  • For Brandon to come home for lunch
  • Maybe some birthday cards in the mail instead of bills
  • Phone calls or texts from my friends and family because I miss them
  • Something fatty for dinner (maybe ice cream again)
  • To watch at least two episodes of "Lost" before bed
The job requires me to wrangle kindergarten kids 7.5 hours a day, 108 days a year, for only $8.58/ hour because minimum wage in Texas sucks arse. But whatever. This means I can buy knick knacks galore!!!

I start on August 13th. I better enjoy all the naps in the middle of the afternoon while I can!

Peace out, yo!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was not a cute baby. My parents used to dress me up in just swim trunks when we went to the beach because I looked enough like a boy that they could save money on a cute bathing suit. Thankfully, I grew out of that...I think. It was all quite traumatizing.
I'm turning twenty-two tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. Here's the thing. I sometimes believe that I am at least twenty-five. I have always felt more mature than my actual age.

I am only twenty-two, and yet I am at a stage in my life where some much older haven't reached. Every now and then, I have a hard time comprehending the fact that I am very happily married. At twenty-two! I have to say the number numerous times in order to get it in my thick skull that I am not as old as I feel.

The Hubby has been asking me what I want for my birthday for the past few weeks and I honestly can't decide. It is so rare for us to be able to celebrate a birthday together that my mind is racing.

I wanted a new camera for better blog pictures, a sewing machine as a new craft, knick knacks for our home, scrapbooking materials for a Bella scrapbook, new clothes, a vacuum cleaner, a steam mop, or a lawn mower. And knowing my sweet husband, he would be willing to get all of these things for me.

But, for my twenty-second birthday, I want the following:
  • To get a kiss goodbye before Bella when The Hubby leaves for work in the morning
  • For Bella to go potty without persuasion
  • To walk around in my underwear for as long as possible
  • To eat ice cream for breakfast
  • To bake without guilt
  • For The Hubby to come home for lunch
  • Maybe some birthday cards in the mail instead of bills
  • Phone calls or texts from my friends and family because I miss them
  • Something fatty for dinner (maybe ice cream again)
  • To watch at least two episodes of "Lost" before bed
And here I am on my twenty-first birthday, holding flowers from my then future hubby. I am so excited to turn twenty-two with you by my side this year, Big Boy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grounds for Divorce

I left a brownie in the pan for The Hubby to eat. I woke up in the morning and found it missing.

Me, jokingly: Where's that last brownie? I wanted it!
The Hubby: I don't know. You tell me, big girl.
Me: (death stare)
The Hubby: Oh my god. I'm just kidding. Don't hit me.

Overheard while I was getting reading for bed:

The Hubby: Bella, stop paying attention to her! Come over here!

Bella Goes to Austin

The Hubby and I woke up at noon yesterday thanks to some great Tylenol PM pills that we both took. We were trying to make up for some lost sleep this past week. But when I woke up, I was ready to go do something. Anything. Especially since The Hubby has SDO again today and I knew I would be cooped up in the house again.

We decided to make a trip to Austin and plan it to be dog friendly so that Bella could come exploring with us. She could hardly contain her excitement during the car ride.
Our first destination was the Zilker Botanical Garden. We ran across this bench and I immediately told The Hubby to place her on it. Being the loving man that he is, he complied.
We continued to see adorable benches so we decided that this would be a "Bella on Benches" photo shoot.
We purchased a head halter called the Gentle Leader and it has done wonders for our walks. We wouldn't have planned a trip with her if we didn't have this new collar. I highly recommend it.

However, we could hear people whispering that we had a muzzle on her and strangers were definitely more timid to go by her. Someone even asked if it was okay to pass by and another young woman literally screeched for us to stay away. But there were still plenty who wanted to pet her and make compliments.
The Hubby told me to just let the leash go to see where Bella would walk. As soon as I let go, she RAN. The Hubby just laughed and took pictures instead of helping me grab her.
As soon as we heard the sound of running water, Bella panicked and refused to go near it. She's more of a human than a Labrador, really. Labs are supposed to love water. I guess she gets it after her mom.
Watch out! There's a dinosaur behind you!
The Hubby's artsy picture
Eventually we gave up getting Bella to sit on benches and just posed her next to them. We're pretty lame. You don't have to remind us of it. We know.
The Garden was really wonderful and made us think of our engagement picture shoot at the Huntington Library back in California.
Our obsession with "Lost" has really altered our lives. The following picture just screams to me: Taking Vincent across the Island to get away from The Others.
It was about 91 degrees and we were all sweating bullets, but I continued to make The Hubby pose with our cutie patootie of a dog.
Bella was HOT after the longest walk she had ever had in her entire life.

She drooled everywhere on the blanket. The Hubby was disgusted.
Next, we finally made the trip to the State Capitol. It was really beautiful and of course we had to take a picture in front of it, but Bella refused to look at the camera.
This bird stalked us the entire time, flying from one place to the next just to stay close to us. It did this at least ten times and always flew so low that it almost brushed my head.
There's the bird again!
There was a missing statue, but I filled in.
Bella was so tired and laid down on the cool grass on her own. I took this chance and left her with one of the girls.
Bella was not impressed by the Statue of Liberty. She thought that it would be much larger.
We tried again for a good picture of Bella in front of the State Capitol. Brandon got her to look at the camera by asking, "Are you hungry?" Success!
Goodbye, Birdy. We hope you find another happy family to stalk.
We grabbed lunch at Torchy's Tacos in the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery. I had searched Yelp for best Tex Mex food and this was top rated. It was such an expensive disappointment, but at least the Trailer Park was really unusual and fun.
We went to the Zilker Hillside Theater, which had a free performance of "Annie". Their website said that leashed and well behaved dogs were allowed, but throughout the waiting time the announcements said that no pets could be in the seating area. However, Bella was gellin' like a felon and behaved better than some of the adults there so we waited it out.
There was a great vibe and I had never experienced anything like it.
Right before the show, they made yet another announcement that no pets were allowed because they may distract the dog Sandy. We saw about two dozen people turn our way when that announcement was made. But it was too late. We were surrounded by blankets and coolers.

And we drove an hour and a half to get there and had already been waiting for more than two hours for the show. We were staying, darn it!

It was a wonderful production with some truly talented actors. Bella slept almost the entire time and was hidden behind some chairs.
And this was the picture taken when I realized that my flash was on and I tried to turn the camera off immediately. We were those people who couldn't follow directions. Brandon was incredibly embarrassed as I hung my head in shame.
We left at intermission because it was getting late and Bella started to get her energy back. As we were leaving through the large crowd of people, we heard some shout, "It's Sandy!" but then they were disappointed when they realized that it was just a silly yellow lab.
It was a good day.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Feeling Sentimental

I miss...

All of my things, most notably my baking supplies and wrapping paper
High school (and my high school weight)
Disneyland with The Hubby
A fresh hair cut
This week in this house in Lake Champlain
...with this view
Free gourmet breakfasts every morning during our honeymoon
A swimming pool
Chinese/Asian food
The beach
New York City
These guys
California's weather
These two
All of these people
This ride
This moment
Molca Salsa's carne asada fries
My family