Friday, June 25, 2010

Time Wasters

I'm jobless, all the laundry is done, the house is (mostly) clean and The Hubby isn't home. So what do I do? I spend all day on the internet.

Here is my first edition of Time Wasters for everyone else who is bored, too.

Time Waster 1: Watch one Fail Blog YouTube video after another like these ones below. Yes, there really are people this stupid in the world. (Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!)

Time Waster 2: Head over to Cake Wrecks and hope that my baked goods never end up on that blog.

Time Waster 3: Catalog Living gives you "A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs."

Oh dear, our Q-Tip decanter is almost 1/5th depleted. (left bottom basket)

I hope I won't be jobless much longer. I have a job interview next Tuesday at a local elementary school as an educational aide. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Will Do (For Now)

I wanted something like this to organize our junk drawer in the kitchen, but we're trying not to spend extra money of any sort right now.
So here is my ghetto fabulous and hopefully just temporary solution (click to enlarge): cardboard pieces from used Ikea boxes and scotch tape. At least it was fully customizable.
An eyesore, but useful solution for a husband who likes to throw everything into drawers and gets frustrated when he can't find something.

Oh, It Is Love

Hello, my pretties! You are so welcome here in our new home. We saw your twin brother and sister at Best Buy, and knew that you would be the perfect addition here.

Energy efficient and front-loading, you two make me so darn happy...especially since we have not done laundry in about a month. Do you know how stinky clothes can get if you wear the same things over and over again? I even had to purchase new underwear just to supplement the shortage of clean under things.
You even have cute power on/off and play/pause buttons. And you only cost $16 per year to use! Plus, you shut off as soon as the cycle is over.
I will take advantage of all of your custom programs one day, but right now, I especially adore you for telling me how much time is left before you are done cleaning/drying each load. And you even sing to me when you're done! No more load blaring noises screaming at me to hurry up and empty you.
You, dryer, came slightly damaged upon delivery, but it is barely noticeable and you still work magnificently. And because of your imperfection, we are going to get $50 back from Best Buy.

You know you are a L.A. girl at heart when all you can notice in your bright/colors pile of laundry are the colors of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. P.S. Who says blogging doesn't pay off? When I went back to the Best Buy site to get links to our new laundry machines I noticed that the prices went down $30 each. Since they have a 30-day price adjustment policy, we will get $60 plus tax on top of the $50 from the product deficiency.

Um. Can you say, "SCORE?!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pioneer Woman, Meet George Forman

We don't have a bed yet, but at least we feast like meat-lovin' royalty.

Saturday's Dinner (masterfully made by the hubs): Burgers with caramelized onions and spicy mayo sauce. Paired with some garlic and basil potatoes.
Tuesday's Dinner: Angus top loin steak topped with mushrooms and paired with potatoes (again) and some salad. The Hubby claimed that it was one of the best steaks he has ever had.
We have been cooking all of our meals recently with our new George Foreman grill and have been getting some great results from our lean, mean, grilling machine. It is so satisfying to see the fat and oils dripping off the grill.

This was dinner Monday night along with some cumin rice. Also delicious.

I wish I was good enough of a cook to post my own recipes, but I can at least post links to recipes that have worked for us.

Salmon tonight!

Edit: Here was our salmon dinner (minus the pecans and grilled instead). Mixed reviews. The Hubby wasn't a fan, but I loved it.

My Sis is Soooo Cool

Debbie: anyways, when she finally gets online
Debbie: i'm going to vidchat you
and you can see the things she brought me today
me: don't you have a boss who just caught you on youtube?
Debbie: hes not here right now
im unpredictably dangerous
me: shut up
Debbie: hahahaha
me: you're ridiculous

Don't mess with a Hsieh.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Proud to be a Schmidtty

Does anyone else love the show "Community"? We do, too, but this episode titled "Art of Discourse" baffled us.

Start it at 0:43. Listen carefully at 1:11.

When did being a Schmidtty become a bad thing? I was unaware of this before signing that marriage certificate. So unfair.

Uh duh...SCHMIDTTY!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Fifteen Years

In fifteen years we will buy these computer games for our kid(s). Only Jones Reading Clinic kids and my sister will understand my excitement over finding these on Amazon.

They WILL play these. None of that Xbox shooting people, stealing cars crap. A [way in the] future mother can dream, can't she?

These games formed my childhood. I miss you, 90's educational computer games.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Missing Bella

Before moving out to Georgia to join The Hubby, I had never been away from Bella for longer than a week. I have not seen her since March 31st, and boy do I miss that doggie. She's just a baby!

The Hubby and I found ourselves watching the same videos of Bella over and over again.

We used to play a game with her back at home. The Hubby would go hide somewhere and then we would release the hound. It didn't matter if Bella was even aware that he was back in California or not. She could always sniff him out.

Bella Finds Daddy from Min Schmidt on Vimeo.

She doesn't understand the concept of talking through the internet.
Video chatting just doesn't replace the sound of her nose lifting up the lid of the kitchen trash can when I go to the restroom. Or the way she licks her lips when you ask, "Are you hungry?".
Just look at that face!

Click here for a humorous article by Margaret Cho on what it is like to be dogless dog lover.

Just a Normal Day

Yeah, I went to go watch my husband jump out of a perfectly good plane. No biggie.

He parachuted out of a plane five times and was fully responsible for his own safety. Whatevs.

And I got to pin on his wings.

I got really into it.
Loving my Airborne Ranger.

Goodbye, Georgia!

We're in Texas! It took a long time to finally get somewhat settled in at our new home, but we made it through our first Army move together.

Let's find out the story behind the picture below, shall we?
The hubs and I had plans on moving on May 27th, but due to some incompetence or perhaps plain laziness, we were forced to stay until June 1st. No one found it necessary to tell The Hubby that he had to bring in our marriage certificate in order for them to make amendments to his new orders saying that he had a dependent. And of course he needed these orders so that he could finish out-processing.

What a better time to find all this out than after you already had the power shut off and your wife is at home packing while listening to the "Princess Diaries" book on CD using her laptop because there was no television or internet to entertain her with?

It was all quite absurd. I don't understand the inefficiency of the Army most of the time. They actually already had our marriage license in their records from when we had to apply for more BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing).

And if all that mumbo-jumbo doesn't make sense to you, basically this is what happened: The Army effed up. We had no power. Most of our things were already packed. It was going to be a holiday weekend so The Hubby had to wait until next Tuesday to figure things out. Barnes & Noble's free wifi became our new best friend. And so did the movie theater because there was AC. We brushed our teeth to the light of a lantern and a head lamp. The end.

Then the time had finally come to pack our belongings into our poor little Ford Focus. Not everything made the cut. I left behind so many things that we had to repurchase here in Texas (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, baking pans, etc.). I was not a happy camper because I hate waste.
And this is how I sat for most of the two-day trip, although the cooler ended up on the ground and the purse was eventually thrown into the back. The floor had just enough room for my two feet.
This was all that we saw for miles and miles and miles...
Except sometimes we saw a few gems like this one in Louisiana. Yup, that's a Titanic inflatable slide.
At one point, the GPS said that we would arrive at our destination in twenty five minutes, but we realized that we hadn't accounted for the time change. Pouty faces and cursing followed when we discovered that we actually had one hour and twenty five minutes left to drive.
But armed with bottles of water and a large bag of junk food, we eventually made it to Texas.

I also finally figured out how to put videos on my blog so expect more to come. Here is one of the crazy rain in Georgia. We could barely see a thing and it was pretty terrifying.

Driving in the rain from Min Schmidt on Vimeo.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't Hate Me

We had brownie mix, but we didn't have any proper baking pans for brownies. We did, however, have baking sheets so I Googled "cookies from brownie mix". When in doubt, Google. And, yes, Google is a verb in my book.

May I present to you something I have named "So Good You Are Going to Hate Yourself For Making Them Cookies". They aren't the prettiest cookies, but they are absolutely delicious.

You'll tell yourself that you will only eat one more. Just one more. Lies. The Hubby ate about ten in five minutes. I won't tell you how many I had. I made two batches in three days because they were gone that quickly.
Ingredients: one box of brownie mix, 1 egg, 2 tbsp water, 1/3 cup oil, and as many chocolate chips as you want (recipe)

Preheat oven to 375. Mix ingredients well. Use a small ice cream scoop to form dough balls and place on greased cookie sheets, two inches apart from each other. Bake at least 8 minutes.

Check to see that the cookies are baked through. Bake for longer if you have to. I took out my second batch before they were done and they were completely deformed when I tried to peel them off the pan. Did that stop us from devouring them? Nope.

I also pressed some Reese's Pieces on the tops of some of the cookies before they cooled completely. No pictures because the mouth did not want to wait.

Don't hate me. I warned you.

That's Love, Baby

A new Martha spring form pan


a new hand held KitchenAid mixer


four hours


a vanilla bean cheesecake, inspired after dinner at T.G.I. Fridays (recipe), with an Oreo cookie crust

Check out my amateur shell border piping skills, learned from a Michael's cake decorating class.

Me: Is it good? Is it good?!
The Hubby: Mmm! It's yummy, babe!
Me: YES!!! You know how much I love you if I am willing to spend over four hours making something that I can eat no more than a bite of.

Lactose intolerance sucks.